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Travel Trade


Dear Travel Partner,

Welcome to our ‘Travel Trade’ pages – we hope you find them useful and informative. We value you and the business you bring to Faircity Hotels Group and are constantly looking for new ways to make it easier for you to find, choose and book our hotels when looking for accommodation in the Gauteng Region.

Faircity Hotels prides itself on maintaining extremely high standards throughout our properties in our provision of comfortable, safe, friendly and efficient service and a product geared towards the modern-day business and leisure guests available at cost effective prices.

Not only are our properties located in key business destinations but most have state of the art meeting facilities and business centres as well as elegant restaurants perfect for relaxing or carrying on meetings into the evening. Our Johannesburg CBD Property, Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel and Faircity Grosvenor Gardens in Hatfield.

We have strived to include everything you might need to know about us in these pages, if there is something further you would like to see or if you have any comments about our hotels then we would love to hear from you.

Best wishes


Faircity Falstaff Hotel –

Faircity Grosvenor Gardens Apartments –

Faircity Mapungubwe Hotel –

Faircity Quatermain Hotel –

Faircity Roodevalley Hotel –


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Would you like to discuss a special rate with us? If so, please do contact the person for the appropriate hotel below – in case you would like to secure a group rate across all our hotels then please contact

Director of Sales & Marketing Miranda Evangelou


Faircity hotels are bookable under the “YX” and “GD” Chain codes, as follows:

If you have any problems finding our properties under the codes below, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions guide on this site where we have tried to anticipate and resolve any issues that you might experience.


Our property codes are under YX chain code and are as follows:
Amadeus Galileo Pegasus Sabre Worldspan
Faircity Falstaff Hotel JNBFAL 46553 61949 5463 JNBFL
Faircity Quatermain Hotel JNBQUA 46485 61950 4593 JNBQA
Faircity Mapungubwe Hotel JNBMAP 96657 61947 54284 JNBMP
Faircity Grosvenor Gardens Apartments PRYFAI 92030 61945 55981 PRYFI
Faircity Roodevalley Hotel PRYROO 84330 61948 53601 PRYRO
Faircity hotels that are bookable under the “GD” Chain code:
Amadeus Galileo Pegasus Sabre Worldspan
Faircity Kievits Kroon Hotel PRYADL E8146 PRE001626 320830 PRYKK

For any other issues please contact Miranda Evangelou, Director of Sales & Marketing


Central Reservations – Faircity Falstaff Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Central Reservations – Faircity Grosvenor Gardens Apartments + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Central Reservations – Faircity Quatermain Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Central Reservations – Faircity Mapungubwe Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Central Reservations – Faircity Roodevalley Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Central Reservations – Faircity Kievits Kroon Hotel +27 (0)12 819 8600


We offer travel agent commission of 10% on all our publicly available rates (i.e. excluding negotiated rates or special rates), less VAT to all IATA registered travel agents.

How to claim commission?

For commissionable bookings please submit an invoice to the email addresses listed below depending on specified property with guest stay details including, your IATA number, dates of stay, reservation number, commissionable amount, and commission due following the guest’s departure.

Faircity Falstaff Hotel
Faircity Grosvenor Gardens Apartments
Faircity Mapungubwe Hotel
Faircity Quatermain Hotel
Faircity Roodevalley Hotel
Faircity Kievits Kroon Hotel


We only accept vouchers from Travel Agents with pre-established accounts with Faircity. If you would like to pre-pay on behalf of your client please submit funds to the appropriate bank account details listed below using the first four letters of the guest surname and arrival date as a reference (e.g. Mr Williams arriving 17th June would be WILL1706)

Please email or fax a copy of the payment transfer to the email addresses below. Please use the same email addresses if you would like to receive a pro-forma invoice

Faircity Falstaff Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Faircity Grosvenor Gardens Apartments + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Faircity Mapungubwe Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Faircity Roodevalley Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Faircity Quatermain Hotel + 27 (0)10 001 9495
Faircity Kievits Kroon Hotel + 27 (0)12 819 8600


Sometimes travel agents are unable to find hotels in the GDS. The actual messages displayed to indicate this can differ – in Sabre it can be displayed as “Please Return Alternate Dates”; in Amadeus the property shows as closed; in Galileo and Worldspan the message reads ” Hotel Not Available”.In all instances this indicates that the hotel does not have any availability for the dates that you have selected. It is not a problem with the system or connectivity or rate loading, it is simply the case that the hotel is full for the selected dates and/or room types/rates. In this situation please select alternative dates.
Following a cutover to a new chain code there are several reasons why rates may not be displayed. The most common reason is that in Sabre the HST Table needs to be refreshed by the IT department of the agency. In 95% of cases this will resolve the problem. There are however also instances of PCC codes not being loaded or being loaded incorrectly. In this situation our GDS Helpdesk will help resolve the situation immediately. Please e-mail to highlight the problem to our team and we will work on rectifying this asap.
During a cutover to a new chain code the link between the CRS/Switch/GDS goes down temporarily. This may only be for 15 minutes but during this time travel agents may receive the message “Pending Unconfirmed Segment” on the GDS. Travel agents are still able to book offline using the back up database during this time but may be required to wait for final confirmation of bookings. The GDS databases are updated frequently, depending on the property/chain. For Galileo, the database is backed up every 24 hours therefore the information in the database is very current. If however travel agents prefer to check live availability please do not hesitate to contact any of our reservation offices, a list of all numbers are under the “How to book via Voice” section of this site.
In most cases, the rate policies set by the hotel restrict the modification of some rates for example when deposits are involved. Some GDS’s will not allow you to “modify” as a result but you may still be able to “cancel and rebook” in the GDS. Please check the policies attached to the rate to find out whether this may be possible.
If you have any problems please contact our GDS helpdesk on
To help us resolve your issues as quickly as possible please give us the following information:

  • The name of the GDS that you use
  • Your Agency IATA no. (for security)
  • The PCC Code for rate access/viewership
  • The Rate Schedule
Yes, the chain code is simply an identifier in the GDS. Our hotels can still be found in the GDS if you search by property name, by brand, by location, by facilities, by star grading and all of the other usual ways in which you may search for properties.