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Investors Info

Faircity Hotels’ Focus
Faircity hotels focusses on business hotels, in business nodes, close to transport nodes and shopping centres in the following segments:

  • Three Star Properties
  • Four Star Properties
  • Leisure Properties, in carefully selected areas

Properties should have more than a 100 rooms and their locations are key. We will be focussing on the main cities across South Africa and later Africa.
Faircity is looking to build on and roll-out the following:

  • Themed Four Star Properties
  • Three Star business hotels
  • Three and Four Star Conference Properties
  • New economy facilities

Faircity Hotels’ will focus on:

  • Management Agreements
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Leases in very very good locations

Investor opportunities available include:

  • Hotel owners whose hotels conform to the above and are looking for a motivated, energetic management company
  • Land Owners in perfect locations
  • Equity Investors, looking to invest long term in Hotels
  • Hotel business Investors

Please contact Lukas van der Westhuizen (CEO) should you be interested and have a viable project or have funds to invest.