Suites & Rooms

All self-catering accommodation at Faircity Grosvenor Gardens is extremely spacious and allows guests to not only stay over but to live comfortably. Our self-catering accommodation in Hatfield offers numerous accommodation variations that all been designed to offer a home to long-stay and overnight tourists. The pay-per-room policy available at the serviced apartments in Hatfield is sparing on guest budgets.

Modern appliances allow all guests to maintain routines and enjoy the comforts that they are familiar with. Ladies are able to make use of the wide vanity dresser, equipped with a chair. Other homely touches as well as the vast range of hotel facilities and services, make this self-catering accommodation in Hatfield, Pretoria, worth the travels.

  • Air-conditioned
  • Luggage rack
  • Laundry basket

Catering to both short and long-stay guests

The fully furnished, self-catering accommodation in Pretoria is the ideal solution for both business and leisure guests looking for a comfortable haven away from home. Often family and friends of patients at the Pretoria Urology Hospital find comfort in our serviced apartments. As we are positioned just next door to the hospital, our serviced apartments are ideal for those wishing to be close to friend and family patients.

All our serviced apartments have been neutrally decorated and furnished.

Business Travel to Pretoria

As one of South Africa’s 3 capital cities, Pretoria is situated approximately 50km from Johannesburg. Pretoria CBD is alive with businesses of all sorts and has certainly seen massive growth over the years. When looking for business hotels in Pretoria, it’s always better to plan ahead and make sure that you will be comfortable and at ease.
Ideal for ladies, our business accommodation at our hotel in Pretoria provides top- notch security and safety measures. The self-catering rooms allow business travellers to relax and enjoy preferred meal times. With a strong focus on “homely accommodation,” Grosvenor Gardens business accommodation in Pretoria ticks all the boxes that any corporate wishes for when away from home.

Whether you require an overnight stopover, a week-long accommodation booking or a business hotel that caters to your long-stay requirements, Faircity Grosvenor Gardens offers both privacy and relaxation.

Accommodation for Diplomats and Consular guests

Pretoria is the second largest Embassy Capital globally and as such we understand that Foreign Diplomats from across Africa and abroad, require comfortable, long-stay accommodation that meets unique needs.

Faircity Grosvenor Gardens offers embassy accommodation that is perfectly suited to Diplomats looking for comfortable accommodation close to their respective Consulates. Whilst offering just this, our accommodation is also just a stone’s throw away from the Gautrain, which offers an efficient and reliable transport solution.
Accommodation next to hospital facilities

Located right next door to the Pretoria Urology Hospital, the embassy suites ensure that Consular and foreign guests from within Africa have all they need for a safe and comfortable stay after a surgical procedure or whilst visiting patients at the hospital.

Whether you’re attending a conference in Pretoria, a business trip from overseas or a neighbouring city in South Africa, our business travel accommodation is ideally suited to your requirements.

University Accommodation

Faircity Grosvenor Gardens caters to all families coming to Pretoria for university events. We understand the importance of families being involved in students’ academic lives. The support and attendance of families at university events are a vital and integral part of a students growth and university experience. Within close range to the University of Pretoria and Tshwane University of Technology, Faircity Grosvenor Gardens is situated within an ideal location.