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Corporate Social Investment

Faircity Hotels and Apartments has adapted to the new demands, challenges and issues facing human resources in South Africa. Faircity is committed to an integrated approach to its human resources strategic alignment, management, and compliance requirements.

Employment Equity
Faircity Hotels is committed to creating a business environment in which discriminating barriers to Employment Equity are eliminated and where diversity is sought, respected, and valued. Policies and practices specific to Employment Equity obligations are integrated into normal everyday human resource processes. To ensure all employees feel fully included, employees at Quatermain Faircity Hotel Hotel are encouraged to participate to their full potential. This is done through an established forum to consult with the Employment Equity committee.

Training and Development
Faircity Hotels and Apartments understands the importance of effective training and exceptional customer service. These are both imperative and complimentary to each other and in delivering on business objectives.

Faircity’s pursuit of service excellence is intensely involved in measurable delivery and returns on staff development. This is based on real training and development, recruitment and talent management, in line with the human resources strategic management objectives. The Group adheres to strict procedures in order to improve performance and enhance productivity.