Why the ‘City of Gold’ still shines for many!

It’s true that a lot of people and businesses have left the Johannesburg City centre in recent years to take up new offices and residences in the more upmarket surrounding areas like Sandton, now thought of as the financial hub of South Africa. But history has shown that wherever there has been a migration away from the inner city, eventually there is a similar migration back to it!

Precisely such a thing is happening right now to Johannesburg’s inner city, which is becoming known as the most vibrant place to be, a great place to conference and with its lavish history of fortunes made and lost and the dawning of a whole new African culture, the ‘Josie’ city centre is again very much alive and kicking!

So what are a few reasons the ‘City of Gold’ still shines for many?

Magic markets

They have a magic all of their own. Rooftop markets like ‘Neighbourgoods’ market in Braamfontein and the not too far away ‘Rosebank rooftop market,’ as well as ‘Market on main,’ offer delicious international and homemade food, great SA wines and beers and arts and craft as people just wander, browse and chill to the sounds of local jazz and blues bands.

Fascinating history

Really interesting Museums like the James Hall Museum of Transport, Museum Africa where you can get an overview of the fascinating history of South Africa from the Stone Age to the present and the World renowned ‘Apartheid museum’ – Who cannot get a lump in their throat as you visit this showcase of the rise and demise of Apartheid?

Local theatre

Here in the City centre, theatre is at its most creative and the finest international local plays and musicals are showcased at the sizeable Lyric Theatre at Gold reef city, a fun park and tribute to the bad old mining days. Also be sure to visit the beautiful, intimate and very African ‘Market Theatre’ which always showcases local theatre at its best and the ‘Jo’Burg Theatre’ famous for more international and local cultural showpieces like ballet and opera.

The Great Hotels

There are a number of well- known hotels in the inner city area, and one of the best and most interesting is our own Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel, which was formerly a French bank. The building still has its original bank vaults, which together with the contemporary African décor gives it a unique personality.

Not only is it a favourite with business travellers because of its great African feel and positioning in an area that is incredibly rich in history and culture, but they have excellent conference facilities, and they arrange some really exciting things for conference visitors and tourists alike.

The conferencing

They have an exciting and affordable array of conference venues in Johannesburg, both on and off-site. Depending on the conference venue you select, they can accommodate anything from intimate dinners for 10 to large cocktail functions for up to 110 conference attendees.

The Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel’s conference and accommodation packages can be tailor-made to best suit your needs. Their staff have all been trained explicitly in conferencing facilitation and etiquette, and they can take care of all the conference arrangements.

The street life

The area where they’re situated boasts some art galleries, theatres and museums, making it the perfect location for an insightful city tour. In August they are even doing a walk through the city special, and this should be a great favourite with candidates on a conference in the inner city as an after-hours attraction. It includes accommodation for 2, a lunch pack, branded caps, water and an excellent breakfast.

The Beer!

With Mad Giant Brewery being a mere 650m from the hotel, Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel will be running a really cool beer tasting journey in November 2018, which will include beer tasting vouchers, luxurious accommodation and a complimentary shuttle to Mad Giant Brewery with a delicious breakfast. The World renowned ‘SAB World of beer’ also host great 75 minute tours from Tuesday to Saturday which can be arranged from the hotel.

Hopefully, this insight into why the ‘City of Gold’ still shines for many has whet your appetite to put Josie top of your conference or weekend getaway choices list again! If so contact us and let the Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel make it even more special by introducing you to one of South Africa’s best-kept secrets, a superb chic boutique African hotel with excellent facilities and the sublime service that comes from Faircity hotel groups ‘Service by design’ ethos. The City of Gold awaits you – what are you waiting for?