Why Gin and Rum parties are all the rage

Gin and rum parties are happening in a big way. They have taken South Africa by storm, and all over the place, you hear about Gin and Rum parties that are part of other larger events.

What is it about this particular idea that people all over the World – and now South Africans have adopted as ‘the’ thing to attend? Gin and Rum, after all, were previously not the most sought-after drinks and were seen as fairly niche spirits for drinkers who just wanted to be a bit different.

Well, that’s no longer the case – so this article looks at why Gin and Rum parties are all the rage!

It’s about mixing

These events are not only about mixing great cocktails with Gin and Rum, but they are great get-togethers too. Hence they are ‘mixers’ in more than one sense of the word. There is always a vibe attached to these events, and because of the popularity of the idea they are usually well attended and seen as the place to be!

There is an international flavour to the whole affair as well. Gins and Rums from all over the world are mixed, and so it is often a very cosmopolitan crowd that attends.

The cocktails are sublime

The mixing of the cocktails themselves are done by expert ‘Mixologists’, and the kind of mixes they come up with are really creative. At every Gin and Rum party, there is some new recipe being tried, but there are of course always a few regular favourites.

Gin cocktails have funky titles and consist of things like:

  • Spicy Italian Stallion – Italian Malfy Gin with Rosemary, Juicy Red Grape Fruit. Top up with Soda Water and for that extra flair… Crushed Kalahari Black Peppercorns!
  • Not your average Cosmo – Ginger with Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice infused with a golden Syrup, Triple Sec, Cinnamon and Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin
  • Maybe you’re born with it. Maybe it’s the gin! – The Meaty Beefeater London Dry Gin soaked with Lemon Juice and decadent Crème de Banana with Tonic

This is to name just a few – The list is endless, as it is with the Rum cocktails, a few favourites of which are:

  • Morning sunshine – Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Triple Sec and Klipdrift rise to an Orange flair to welcome you to a new day!
  • The Blue pill – Tipo Tinto had dinner plans with Triple Sec and asked the Blue Butler to come set the table.
  • I’m a Batman – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Batman – with Bacardi, Lime, Sugar and Lemonade

It goes well with food

Gin and Rum cocktails go well with a variety of food and usually take place where the food of many nations is served – in keeping with the international theme. One of the Faircity group hotels – the Roodevalley hotel in Pretoria, actually have devised menus that complement the mixers, making it a favourite spot for Gin and Rum enthusiasts to gather.

It is a great backdrop to bigger events

Gin and Rum parties are often set as a backdrop for other events – like big rugby games, markets and special events like the one being held at the Roodevalley hotel on October 6th.

This is the River life festival, an amazing chill day and evening for the whole family at which Gin Rum cocktails will be served with beers and wines and great food stalls and restaurants that will have menus that work with the whole theme. Attendees can enjoy these flavours while watching SA’s favourite sport live on screen and stand a chance of watching the game with Heuwels Fantasties at their table!

It promises to be a great day and evening of entertainment too, with Heuwels Fantasties headlining and stalls and play areas for the kids.

So to learn more just contact us, particularly if you would like to book for the accommodation that will be available if you want to make a weekend of it.

Now you know why Gin and Rum parties are all the rage – Come and join us for this great ‘mixer’ – Cheers!