What do Love, soccer and music have in common?

In this month of love we thought it might be fun to look a little deeper into the subject of love and then we thought of three of the biggest things in many human being’s lives and wondered what – if anything – they might have in common.

We guess music and love are pretty synonymous – the famous phrase “if music be the food of love – play on” comes to mind and let’s face it, music is the language of love – it is all about love and love without music just simply would not feel the same …but how does soccer feature there?

Well, whether we like it or not, this is the most watched sport in the World. Men call it the ‘beautiful’ game, comparing it to how they would describe an attractive woman and there is no doubt, some have a deeper feeling for the game than their loved one!

Well, that’s said tongue in cheek, but soccer really is a big deal for many, as is music and of course the world turns around on love, but all thrown together seems like a strange combination. So what do love, soccer and music have in common?

The soccer crooners

The first thing that springs to mind is that there have been many great romantic ‘crooners’ as they were known in latter days, now more known as ‘pop stars’ who sang love songs and had soccer connections.

Julio Iglesias – One of the best known love song artists Daddy of Enrico, Julio Iglesias was a multi-million selling love crooner of the sixties and seventies and all following a bad accident that kept him from pursuing a very promising career as a soccer professional.

It’s interesting to ponder, given the massive fees that soccer stars receive to play nowadays whether this fabulously successful musician and songwriter might have earned more playing soccer? Well having sold more than 250 million records worldwide in 14 languages and having performed for over 60 million people on five continents, we doubt it.

Sir Elton John – It’s hard to beat Julio as the epitome of a blend of Love, Soccer and music, but it’s interesting to note that singer and songwriter of such great love songs as ‘Song for you and ‘Blue eyes,’ Sir Elton John is a soccer fanatic and became the Chairman and Director of Watford FC in 1976. For a time, from late 1975 until 1976, he was also a part-owner of the Los Angeles Aztecs of the North American Soccer League

Rod Stewart – ‘Rockin’ Rod’, also one of the greatest exponents of love songs of times gone by, with such classics as ‘Someone like you’ and ‘You’re in my heart’, being a Scot, was a huge fan and active supporter of Scottish football club Celtic. In fact he once rescued Celtic by offering them his garden after they were left without a training ground!

The great soccer anthems

There have been some great soccer anthems too. Here love, soccer and music definitely combine – like in the classic Liverpool anthem ‘you’ll never walk alone.’ Does anything lift the heart and stir the emotions more than that great love song being sung by fifty thousand soccer fans? We doubt it.


With their famous opera singers like Luciano Pavarotti and many others, their reputation as great romantics and their absolute passion for soccer as favoured Soccer world cup contenders, it seems to us that love, soccer and music combine very well in Italians!

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Faircity hotels

Well, I guess we threw you with this one, but believe it or not Soccer, love and music are all part of some great specials being offered in this month of love and on an on- going basis by our various Faircity group hotels

Faircity and Soccer

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Faircity and love

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Faircity and music

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It looks like Love, soccer and music do indeed have quite a lot in common – and they are all alive, inextricably linked and well and Faircity group hotels! All three are ‘matters of the heart’ and apart from being at the heart of where people need to be, our hotels will always strive to bring you all the things that are closest to your heart!