The do’s and don’ts of planning a great year-end event

It’s that time of year when companies like to reward their people for the effort they have put into to helping add value to the business and hopefully assisting them to have had another successful year.

You may decide to hold a small private sort of affair, or depending on the size of your business, a mighty big bash somewhere with mass catering, entertainment and all the other bells and whistles.

You might even be holding a year-end conference – a good time to get your teams reflecting on past performances or doing some serious brainstorming for the year ahead. Either way we hope this article on the dos and don’ts of holding a great year-end event will give you some good advice, particularly if you have been assigned with the planning and coordination!

Create a budget – don’t let it run wild

The first thing to do is ascertain what the business can comfortably afford to hold the event and assign a budget for it. All parties involved in the different aspects of the planning, if there is a planning committee, should be aware of their budgets and report on their budget spend to one coordinator.

Every aspect of the event needs to be contained within this budget and assistance can be attained in this area by the excellent event co-ordinators at the Faircity group Hotels. Get the quotations you need and then ensure that the budget is tracked and that it doesn’t run ahead of what has been assigned.

Do get out of the office – but don’t break the budget

It I generally a good idea to get out of the office for a year-end function or conference. A sandwich platter and a few drinks in the office environment hardly feels like a reward, and it is doubtful that your teams will be very inspired by it.

You don’t need to break the budget either. As long as your assigned budget is reasonable, beautiful venues are available that combine all the aspects of catering, bars and the kind of service that makes people feel pampered at a very reasonable cost.

Do get buy-in from delegates – Don’t agree to wild parties!

If you are planning a year-end conference – it is always a good idea in advance to get buy-in, opinions and ideas from the delegates themselves. Find out availability too and what kind of environment they feel will make a difference. Are they partial to team building, or just presentation based events?

If you’re planning a year-end function, it does no harm to get this kind of feedback from your people too, but be very wary of organising events that you believe may lead to real issues like drunken driving etc. Perhaps an event where excellent affordable accommodation is available at the event, or nearby would be a better option?

Do consider combining conference and year-end events….

As there is not much time to go before year end, if you are arranging a function and a conference for pretty much the same time as this year comes to a close, it really isn’t a bad idea to consider combining both of these events into one.

This can be a huge money saver, and a few of our excellent Faircity hotels can facilitate this – and are offering specials that apply to both types of events. Kievits Kroon Faircity Hotel, for example, offers excellent function and conference specials.

What better event could you have than, immediately after reflecting on past achievements and planning for a great year ahead, holding an award and social function – and even offer some great leisure time, all at one place?

Do look out for – and don’t forget Faircity group’s great year-end specials

There’s no better way to save money than to look out for great deals that are being offered. Faircity group have hotels in Sandton, the Josie inner city, Pretoria and surrounds and just a few of these great deals include:

End the year in style at Roodevalley Faircity Hotel on the banks of the Pienaar’s river in Pretoria, with lunch menu’s from only R185.00 per person and dinner menus from only R220.00 per person, you can choose from over 15 venues, 14 different themes and 100 different hotel rooms!

For year-end functions or conferences, you and your teams can take advantage of greatly discounted room and apartment rates which are available for the festive season only at Mapungubwe Faircity hotel in the Josie city centre and the Grosvenor Gardens in the Pretoria business area.

Falstaff Faircity Hotel in the Sandton business hub has a fantastic full day conference special for just R495.00 per person if you host your conference at Falstaff from 01-31 December 2018!

Do be an early bird – and don’t lose out!

It is already late to be planning any such events, and one of the most critical aspects of good event planning is to ensure you have enough time! Fortunately, we do still have some of our year end function and conference specials available, but it is advisable to book ASAP!

We hope this article on the dos and don’ts of holding a great year-end event has been helpful. Contact us immediately to get more professional help from us and to make sure you don’t miss out on these great cost saving year-end specials!