Service by design – what it means to us and how it works for you

At Faircity our aim in life is to provide a remarkable and relaxing experience for our guests. 
Service is really important to us and we live by the ethos of “Service by Design”.

Now what exactly does this mean?

We don’t want to just go along our merry way and assume that we know what makes our guests happy. If you don’t ask, you don’t know, and that’s why we want to hear what our guests think – not just hear, but to really listen and to act where possible.

If we know what our guests think and how they feel, we can then ‘design’ our service around their unique and discerning needs. We place great value in creating a dialogue with our guests and staff, as it is their honest feedback that helps us to create a more personalised and memorable experience at each of our hotels.

These are some of the services we have designed:

+ Faircity Friend guest relations
+ A personalised VIP programme whereby we find out what a guest’s favourite amenity is and surprise them with it
+ A personalised turn down which could include sweets, special messages, weather info, snack packs, etc.
+ Activities for the whole family e.g. our kids holiday programmes
+ Veggie juices for the health conscious
+ VIP breakfast on-the-go for those who have meetings to rush to
+ Tourist experience with our partners near each hotel

The bottom line is that we want our hotels to be a place where our guests feel honoured and cared for, and also where our staff feel like they have the opportunity to make a difference by sharing their ideas. What we want is for our staff to stay and our guests to keep coming back!