After the crazed busyness that grips its inhabitants during the year, our beloved city breathes a huge sigh of relief and settles down for about a month of rest and relaxation.  Traditionally known as the business hub of Johannesburg, Sandton actually also offers loads of fun stuff to do. Booking holiday accommodation in Sandton will give you the perfect base from which to explore the richest square mile in Africa.  Falstaff Faircity Hotel Hotel and Quatermain Faircity Hotel Hotel offer four-star accommodation hidden in the peaceful suburb of Morningside in Sandton.  They offer a free shuttle service within a 5km radius of the hotel for hassle-free exploration.

Sink your teeth into an Original Legendary Burger at Hard Rock Café Johannesburg – topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and a golden fried onion ring – is anyone else’s mouth watering right now?  This is somewhere you can truly say, “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” – a cool, branded one to prove you were there.

While at Nelson Mandela Square, you must of course take the obligatory pic with the enormous statue of the one and only Tata.  You may have to wait your turn, as locals and tourists alike flock to the spot at his feet.  It takes some patience to finally snap one without strangers photo bombing your composition.

Also at Nelson Mandela Square is the Auto & General Theatre on the Square, a plush and intimate space for fabulous shows and lunch hour classical concerts on Fridays at 1pm.  From comedy, to drama, to musicals, owner Daphne Kuhn always brings you great entertainment.  If you love theatre, the wallpaper is a walk down memory lane, featuring posters from the past few decades of stage performances.

Walk across the bridge and you will be in the shopper’s paradise of Sandton City, where shop ‘til you drop could easily be literal.  The Diamond Walk showcases some of the world’s leading super-luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada and Cartier.  Your holiday accommodation in Sandton will almost definitely offer a shuttle service to Sandton City.

High tea at The Michelangelo is a sophisticated affair with a sweet and savoury spread fit for a king.  If you want something more interactive, Sushi School at The Hilton is both educational and delicious, as you get to eat what you make.  You feel a major sense of accomplishment when your freshly-made California roll doesn’t fall apart as you grab it with your chopsticks.

There are many more sights and sounds of Sandton to experience, so if you haven’t made plans yet, book your holiday accommodation in Sandton today.  You have a choice between the smaller and more intimate Falstaff Faircity Hotel Hotel, and the more spacious and stately Quatermain Faircity Hotel Hotel.

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