Le Petite Chef: Dinner Time Stories

Faircity Quartermain Hotel Presents

A Culinary Extravaganza

Le Petite Chef is world renowned, having served up breathtaking, interactive dining experiences from Italy to China. Standing a mere 58mm tall, he is the epitome of dynamite coming in small packages. In this immersive 3D projection mapping installation, you are able to travel the world without ever leaving your seat. Designed to follow the “footsteps of Marco Polo”, Le Petite Chef creates mouthwatering masterpieces as he journeys along the great explorer’s famous route. And now he has arrived at The Quatermain Faircity Hotel where resident chef, Tristan Letouf, heads up the gourmet adventure. Six courses, two hours, and a dining extravaganza you’ll never forget.

Journey of Tastes Brought to Life

From the creative minds of Belgian artists, Anton Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx, Le Petite Chef marries the wonder of technology with the sheer decadent delights of fine dining. The first of its kind, diners are able to eat their way along Marco Polo’s legendary silk route. The dinner begins with a storybook at each place setting. Once opened, the journey begins as a six-course story unfolds across the table tops. Each of the six courses is served after every ‘chapter’ in the story, and deliciously reflect the traditional cuisine of the country explored in that chapter.

A stunning spectacular of sights, sounds, and flavours beautifully combine with world-class animation and a stirring soundtrack to breathe life into the little chef’s adventures. Watch in amazement as he battles raging seas, or marches through the desert of Arabia. And all the way, with each new discovery, delectable dishes are served up that include elements of where the chef had been. For the first time at The Quatermain Faircity Hotel, our food will share centre stage with this one-of-a-kind experience.

Prepare for a Mind-blowing Experience

You’re in good hands with our resident chef, Tristan Letouf who, with decades of gourmet experience, heads up this six-course menu that embodies a culinary adventure the likes of which you’ve never tasted before. So much more than an optical illusion, The Quatermain Faircity Hotel’s Dinner Time Stories with Le Petite Chef ensnares the senses through decadent aromas and bursts of flavour. This two-hour dining showstopper is available to our guests at special rates for both single as well as double bookings. The Quatermain Faircity Hotel welcome you to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime 3D culinary adventure and have a taste of what the future of fine dining holds.

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Le Petite Chef: Dinner Time StoriesLe Petite Chef: Dinner Time Stories