Four reasons why you should holiday in winter

Four reasons why you should holiday in winter

Does winter make you want to stay in bed and hibernate until the warmer weather comes back?

In actual fact, it is one of the best seasons to bundle up and take a holiday break.

I can see the ‘you’re out of your mind’ look on your face, but let me substantiate my bold statement.

#1: Affordable accommodation

First, and most important in these challenging economic times, is that holidaying in winter means you don’t need to break the bank. Many accommodation providers offer rock-bottom rates to entice cold-hating South Africans to venture out and explore their own country. They often throw in great extras like included meals or activities.

#2: Quality bonding time

Board games are an excellent way to while away the hours, and to spend quality time with family and friends. It’s amazing how much you can learn about people as you watch them play a board game, not to mention how much you can learn from the board game itself – I am thinking general knowledge from Trivial Pursuit, strategy from Risk or detective skills from Cluedo. This will however necessitate a TV and smart phone ban for the duration of game play.

#3: Exploring the outdoors

Although it gets chilly in the evenings, we are blessed to have sunny and sometimes even warm days throughout winter. I find hiking or playing sports during winter much more fun, as you don’t get quite as hot and bothered. I also find it’s the ideal time to go on safari (as the international travellers would call it) or game viewing. The vegetation is not as overgrown so it’s easier to spot wildlife, although in some cases the dry landscape can also provide better camouflage. A word of warning – if you do go on a game drive in winter, wear multiple layers and include hats, scarves and gloves – it really gets cold out there!

#4: Stirring up romance

What better time to cuddle up with your loved ones? Think hot chocolate and marshmallows, long bubble baths, steaming Jacuzzis and crackling fireplaces. It’s a wonderful time to whisk your significant other away for a romantic getaway. Look for places that offer half or full board so you don’t have to do any cooking – there are even some places that pack picnic baskets for you. And for those really cold nights – body heat is the best kind.
So there you have it – four fabulous reasons why I think holidaying in winter is a fantastic idea.

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Four reasons why you should holiday in winterFour reasons why you should holiday in winter