We care, we love, we give back!

We care, we love, we give back

Who can resist puppy dog eyes? The answer is definitely not Wayne Ward, General Manager of Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel Hotel in Johannesburg. It was in 2015 that he identified Kitty & Puppy Haven as the main charity the hotel would support, and in November 2015, Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel hosted a successful fundraising dinner. The charity dinner brought in R20 000, as well as ongoing monthly donations from guests who chose to give via debit order.

It turned out to be a godsend for Samantha Berger, Director and Founder of Kitty & Puppy Haven, as the charity was experiencing a financial crisis and facing the possibility of closing down. She said, “Charity events like the dinner allow Kitty & Puppy Haven to thrive and to change the destiny of animals’ lives”.

Kitty & Puppy Haven is in the business of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming neglected, injured, abused and abandoned animals. They are one of the biggest rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming sanctuaries in South Africa; with a registered Community Veterinary Clinic that is run by a qualified vet.

Every animal that passes through their doors receives standard health care, i.e. vaccinations, de-worming, flea control and sterilisation. They will not euthanize an animal if it can be healed and have a healthy, pain free and happy life. Their aim is to make pet owners more responsible and knowledgeable regarding the care of their animals.

The cost of running the clinic is more than R90 000 per month. As a Public Beneficiary Company they rely solely on public donations, issuing tax receipts and 18a certificates for all donations received.

Since the dinner in November 2015, Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel has also sponsored the building of a dipping station, together with a few of their suppliers who also donated towards the project. The hotel’s maintenance team was sent to do the job and the end result was just what the dog-ter ordered.

This year the fundraising dinner takes place on Saturday, 29 October 2016. It is being hosted at Quatermain Faircity Hotel Hotel in Sandton due to the refurbishments taking place at Mapungubwe Faircity Hotel Hotel. Guests are invited to enjoy a delectable four-course dinner while listening to live music from Gauteng Opera and Tea 4 Two. The MC for the evening will be the remarkable Sarah Bauling from Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris.

Gauteng Opera is an all-round performing arts and entertainment company focusing on opera-related productions, concerts and events. With the slogan “Opera for Everyone”, they aim to expose broad audiences to different opera offerings.
There will be some lovely prizes up for grabs, with all the proceeds from raffle ticket sales going to Kitty & Puppy Haven.

Bookings are open so call to book now!
Bonny, 011 429 2600, gc.mapungubwe@faircity.co.za.

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We care, we love, we give back!

We care, we love, we give back!

We care, we love, we give back!