Chink in the Wall

Gourmet Restaurant in Sandton

Chink in the Wall is a gastropub extraordinaire, serving up gourmet food perfectly paired with local craft beers or wine. Chef Tristan Latouf has whipped up a menu to die for, including snack boards for sharing and craft burgers to sink your teeth in to. We use only the freshest seasonal produce to create a palate-pleasing culinary experience.

An urban hideaway in the peaceful suburb of Morningside, Chink in the Wall offers an intimate space, ideal for a casual business meeting or a gathering of good friends.

The pub accommodates up to 30 people. Featuring different seating options, including two large booths and two lounge areas, as well as an outdoor area, you can choose a spot that suits your group. We welcome both in-house guests and the public.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12h00 to 22h00

Why Chink in the Wall?

Before Romeo and Juliet, there was Pyramus and Thisbe of Babylonia. They lived next door to each other and were the best of friends aka BFFs. As they grew up together, they fell in love, but sadly their parents did not get along as well they did, or in fact, at all. They were forbidden to see one another, which made the attraction even stronger. Forced to speak through a chink in the wall that separated their homes, their relationship deepened until they could no longer bear to be separated. They hatch a plan to meet, but as you have probably guessed by now, it did not end well for the star-crossed lovers. Naturally, we are focusing on the good part of the story, so I will stop it here.

Chink in the Wall is that meeting place where you can get away from the busyness of the day, and spend time connecting with colleagues or friends. Meeting in person still trumps social media, so put your phones away and go old school – make eye contact and speak. We do however offer free, uncapped Wi-Fi if you need it.


Breakfast @ Le Petit Sel Restaurant

This elegant bistro-style restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner overlooking the pool, making for a relaxed setting for guests to enjoy great service and award-winning dishes.

Ideal for business breakfasts and lunches, birthday parties or relaxed, easy Sunday family get-togethers, Le Petit Sel offers you a rare cuisine experience.

Should you wish to make a reservation at Le Petit Sel simply contact us and we’ll be more than happy to book you a table at this elegant Sandton restaurant.

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